What does the purchase include?

Every full licence includes a unlimited amount of installations. Furthermore the update guarantee ensures that your software is always up to date. You will receive every new service release of your product.

Does my customer need any special knowledge?

There are no special requirements for your customers. Neither an installation nor technical knowledge are needed to use pcvisit.

Can I cancel my pcvisit service easily?

Every subscriptions are cancellable via email one month before the billing period has expired.

Why is a subscription better for me?

Thanks to the annual service fixed rate, which includes a update guarantee, your software is always up to date. The subscription is cash flow gentle and 100% allowable. The annual service fixed rate is even more transparent and fairer as a one-time purchases.


Is my data secure?

To ensure safety, all pcvisit servers are located in special secured datacentres in Germany. That means, the world wide strictest data protection regulations are ensured and your right of informational self- determination is secured.

Learn more about data security.


Professional support service

Our support colleagues will support you in a personal and professional manner in the event that you may need technical support. It is a service offered by supporters for supporters! This will help you to continue your support service quickly. And our support service is of cause free of charge for you. Our support team can be reached via email and we will reply as soon as possible. Just drop us an email to support@pcvisit.de, we are happy to provide you with a friendly and knowledgeable service.